Occupy Indiana!...Ah,don't worry it's just Lucky Cast Club Mom's weekend.

Occupy Indiana a.k.a. Mom's weekend for the Lucky Cast Club is officially one day away.  Mom's from Indiana, Chicago and Wisconsin will be traveling south to New Harmony, IN for some bonding and relaxation.  This will be the first time for many of us to meet outside our second home, Shriner's Hospital for Children-Chicago.  For many it will also be our first time away from our toddlers for an extended period of time.  For me it will be the culmination of two years of work, planning, dreaming. 

When we started this journey Chad and I were alone.  We had family for support but very few others who could relate to our day to day struggles.  Families started appearing on our journey and relationships were formed that transcend the miles that distance us.  Two years after the Lucky Cast Club started we are seeing one of our many goals and desires met in this small but major gathering.  This weekend was one of the initial hopes for our group.  This will be the weekend where our next years goals are drafted and plans are made.  We, the founding families, committed this club would be around long after our children were grown.  To accomplish this a firm and true foundation must be set.  We are working to make sure this retreat is just the first of  many to come.  Each year we hope to grow in numbers and reach wider and grab more.  We are going to start the groundwork for a spring gala that will benefit future projects and even more families.  Our hopes are the spring gala will fund the family retreat.  Just the thought of all these families traversing the world of casting and bracing playing together make my heart soar!  It will happen.  I am willing it so. 

To all the families in Chicago and across the nation who have been kind enough to follow our families we want to thank you.  Thank you for your generosity and compassion.  This year we are hosting our second annual Pajama drive.  Last year we were blessed to collect close to 400 pairs of new with tags pajama's for the children of several hospital's across the country.  This year we have more centers and bigger goals.  We need your help.  Instead of Chad and I exchanging gifts this year we have opted to purchase pajama's for the drive.  A nice pair of carters fleece pj's will provide more for our spiritual health then a new gadget ever would.  I get a rush out of picking out each pair and knowing this small token of love will be remembered each evening at snuggle time.  William was the recipient of 2 pairs last year during our winter casting at Chicago Shriners and he can tell you which pairs are his cast PJ's.  We have families throughout Chicago who are collecting and will be willing to pick up, pay for shipping, or provide you with a flier to post at your school, workplace, or sporting events.  It is such an inexpensive token of support.  We each became very creative in finding discounts at our favorite stores to purchase our cuddly bundles of love last year.  I loved to hear 50% off at this place or that being advertised on our cast family support forum!  Who doesn't love a bargain. 

Just so you don't think this weekend will be all pj's, planning and work, we have coordinated our beverage and food selections.  Each person was instructed to list their favorite leaded and unleaded beverage of choice.  I am certainly glad we will be locked in a cabin in the woods so everyone can keep their rosey pictures of our beautiful modern families.  We opted out of advertising this as what it probably will be....Mom's gone wild weekend.  We will most likely be found gorged on marshmallows and tossing back a cold one!  Scoliosis has thrown us all on a wild and crazy ride and we intend to show the bastard we still have spunk, spirit and a sense of adventure....just pray we don't set the cabin on fire!

Until next time, keep it curvy! 

Catie(Scoliosis Sucks) D.

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