Music-What's the soundtrack to your soul?

I often feel my life is one big soundtrack, a really twisted episode of gLee.  The crescendos of my story alerted by a change in tone or emotions all reflected in the song.  My iPod consistently has an identity crisis as it tries to decide the top 25 played. Today it will be entirely different then tomorrow.  To me music is therapy.  It can release sentiment and emotion kept bottled with a few notes.  It can invoke sheer joy with a melody. I embrace and encourage this love with my children.  The only time this has backfired is after my niece had control of the iPod and William picked up the gem of “I am not a whore, but I like to do it.”   

 We are the car with the crazy dancers.  We often rock skinnies and yes, jerk so low.  If my Iron Will refuses sleep I put him in the mommyvan and pull out the big guns, Josh Groban – Lullaby.  He yells turn it off as he drifts into a restful slumber.  My friends and I share songs instead of words when extending comfort or celebrating milestones. 

 For all the amazing milestones of life I have a song to correlate.  Sailing-Cristopher Cross and Diana Ross-She said she would be lost without you, remind me of my sister.  Eric Clapton-Wonderful tonight, reminds me of my mom, the most beautiful person I know inside and out.  Violent femmes- Kiss Off & Blister in the Sun, takes me back to 17 with my best friend Kendra. Chad, well he is any cheesy love song I hear, most recently Train-Marry Me.  My kids each have their song…Cody-Good Morning Beautiful & William-Blackbird.  I listened to Jeff Buckley Halleluia while in labor with both.  My dad Billy Joel –Lullabye(Goodnight my Angel), Eric Clapton-Tears from Heaven, & Luther Vandross –Dance with my father.  Cast Day is always the Notre Dame fight song, Go IRISH!  The Lucky Cast Club moms, my support, Bruno Mars- Count on me, Jamie Grace-Not Alone, Wicked-For Good & their beautiful children would be My Wish-Rascal Flatts & Coldplay-Fix You or as William says the fix my back song.   

 Music can heal the soul and prepare the mind for expansion.  It can invoke emotion.  Create a safe haven to just feel.  As the holidays are approaching I find myself escaping into song.  Create your soundtrack and always be willing to change it.  That’s my thought for today.  I would love to hear your playlist. 

Until next time, keep it curvy and oh yeah...Suck it, Scoliosis. 

Catie(Scoliosis Sucks)D.

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