Memos from some mad Mommas Part 6

Memos from some mad Mommas Part 6
The Beautiful Miss Chloe!

I can't believe we are already on the 6th letter in this series.  The question posed to our Scoliosis families: What would you say to scoliosis if you had the chance?  The letters are cleansing and real.  They are written with an emotion and passion that has been lurking since diagnosis.  When your child starts their journey with scoliosis in infancy you are faced with a lifetime of worry.  These mom's are very brave and we will have a heck of a good time burning these letters at our first ever Mom's retreat November 18-19th!  Thank you for taking the time to read, share, & support these brave families. 

Volume 6, submitted by my friend Celeste from Chicago, IL, Mom to Chloe(Infantile Scoliosis, Torticollis, & Genetic Disorder)

 Dear Scoliosis,
There are not enough words to describe how much I despise you. You have f**ked with our lives and we are not going to take it lying down! You are crooked and stubborn and we can’t get rid of you no matter how hard we try. But despite it, we have one of the happiest little girls I have ever met. She wears a cast for 12 weeks at a time to keep you under control. She says “take that scoliosis!” she learned to sit, walk. roll over and get around while encased in bulky, heavy plaster. She says, “not gonna keep me down scoliosis!” she stays inside most of the summer while her friends play outside because her cast makes her overheat. She has fun inside and giggles all day. She says “nice try scoliosis but I am better than you!” she can’t swim or take a bath even though she loves water. She has the best time washing her hands and says “what else you got scoliosis?’ She says none of these things out loud because on top of dealing with you, my beautiful baby has a genetic disorder that causes developmental delays so she is non-verbal. BUT I hear her say those things in the way she struts around proudly and laughs heartily at her little brother and knocks on her cast because she likes the sound of it! She has had issues since the day she was born and you are just one of them. You happen to be the most destructive right now but we intend to kick your ass, one way or another!

Suck It, Scoliosis~

Celeste(Scoliosis Sucks) E.

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