Mehta Casting Wins again!

I love good news days.  Anytime I can spread the joy of one family is a good day.  Two brave casters entered Chicago Shriner's Hospital for Children for what would seem to be another day in the OR.  The Lucky Cast Club families rallyed around the troops and sent our messages of support and prayer. Like any other cast day we start the wait for news....any news. 

 It's funny, during out of cast time your mind plays it's wicked tricks.  You see things in your childs spine that may or may not actually be there.  Does it look different?  Does it look worse?  You try to push to the back of your mind any negative thoughts and just enjoy the last few cast free moments.  7 days for most every twelve weeks and you don't want anything to ruin the joy.  The last bath is filled with fun for the little ones and heartache for the parents.  You are about to say goodbye to squishy hugs and carefree splash for another 12 week lock down.  You whisper silent prayers through tears once your little one is safely tucked away in dream land.  I know that is when I start the bargaining process with God.  Just let it be the same or if you feel really generous, let it be better.  They have been in the process so long and we have learned lessons about family and love and support and prayer, let it be better.  If it can't be better, let it be the same.  Ahhh all those years at catholic school you would think I would learn that God doesn't really like a pleading prayer.  My final prayer as they roll him back is always the same...Allow me to accept whatever the number.  I pray your will be done and I have the strength to endure.  From pleading to acceptance.  My heart is now ready for whatever will come.  I can only assume this is the same for many families. 

The Giunta family sent their Massi to the OR for yet another cast.  They waited and we waited.  And then the update comes through...
Massi fought Infantile Scoliosis and Set it STRAIGHT!

Mommy's Message to our casting family is as follows: As many of you know, we received the news we have been waiting for... Massi is at 5 degrees out of cast and will be molded for his brace at his next casting in feb. I want to thank all of you for your support and prayers!


Simple and true.  A prayer answered and a wish come true.  Dear Scoliosis....We beat you.  No sweeter music to my ears then this!

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