Trick or Treat?

Trick or Treat?  A question posed in the innocents only children can bring on this O Hallows Eve.  Usually followed by a snickers bar and a polite thank you if we are lucky.  Little children dressed as ghosts and goblins, witches and pumpkins, dinosaurs and daisy's with one thing on their mind...bag that candy!  For some of our Lucky Cast Club families Trick or Treat has taken on a new meaning this year.  It will now bring fear and loathing, NPO after midnight & clear liquids till 5 am.  What a messed up way for any toddler to spend Halloween. 

So what will it be Scoliosis?  Are you planning to trick our friends or provide them with a much longed for treat.  You could choose to be generous.  You could hand them good news, not the snack size but the entire king size bar.  Your Anesthesia could be mild and wear off in time for these little angels to head door to door.  You could soothe their tired, sore bodies and allow our friends and their weary parents some respite in the afternoon so they can knock knock knock their way to a sugar heaven.  It's one could do this I know you could.  I have seen you dole out graciousness in bite size pieces.  I have watched you give one family a treat and then trick the next.  What about making a clean sweep this year, 5 blessed treats.  Conjour the Great Pumpkin for strength if you must. If you feel the need to trick someone, choose me.  Send a flaming bag of crap to my doorstep and I will drench it in water, tee pee my bushes and I will wipe my arse with your paper, smash my pumpkin in the street and I will make a mean ass pie with it's remnants.  Ok maybe not a dirty pie but you get the picture.  I will be here for your crazy f-ing tricks.  Just show some compassion and give my friends a small treat. 

This season I will return to Halloweens roots in my faith,  O Hallows Eve, All Saints Day.  I will offer prays to all the saints and angels to guide, guard and protect our friends.  I ask you to do the same.  As we dress in our finest I implore you to remember our friends.  Send them Strength, Hope, and greatest of all Love!  I will save you the Suck it and put faith in your compassion.  Don't let me down! 

Strength and Hope our Beautiful friends! 

Catie(Scoliosis Sucks) D.

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