Resiliency, A portrait of strength

Resiliency, A portrait of strength
Dancing in the Rain!

Scoliosis, as conditions go, tries to rob children of basic function.  It attempts to cripple their bodies, crush their heart and lungs, and impede their development.  For all it tries to rob from these infants, toddlers and young adults they are resilient.  They are in a word, fierce!  My friend Amy recently sent me an email and she said when I think of our kids I hear Tub Thumping, I get knocked down but I get up again.  I laughed when I read that because I have a video of William prior to his second birthday dancing in his cast to that very song. 
Makenna 2nd Day 1st cast
 I always marvel at Scoliosis’ choice in our family.  It picked my rock hard child to attack.  I can say the same for other children we have met on this journey.  My friend Sarah has two kids.  Her oldest is much like my Cody, she is kind, considerate, & sensitive.  In contrast her spit fire is William’s friend in cast life.  They are stubborn and fierce in every aspect of their beings ready to take the world by storm.  My friend, Amy, sent me a video of her daughter shortly after her first cast.  She was jumping from couch to couch.  Although she was wearing a hug machine equal to a ¼ of her body weight she felt the urge to jump.  We have Keira who after spending 7 months in her brace, started kindergarten cast free and then gets the news that casting has once again snuck in her back door.  She faced the OR once again and is wearing her cast.  She is FIERCE!  We have little Grace and Kaity who have already faced surgery for eyes and Syrinx reduction and can tackle casting with no more then a whimper.  We have our friends from all over the country who even though faced with extraordinary obstacles have found a fierce innate strength that could quite frankly move mountains. There are many adults who could learn a thing from these little fighters. 

 Another friend we have sought inspiration from is Katie.  Katie was a 17 year old beauty who was having her spinal fusion surgery the same day William was having his first cast applied.  We shared a pre-operative room with Katie and her family.  I watched this family very closely yet had no idea what procedure she was having performed.  While in the waiting room we spoke with her parents and learned Katie had scoliosis and was having fusion/dual rod procedure.  They told us Katie was diagnosed at 6 years of age with a moderate curve.  She was braced through adolescents and at around 15-16 developed asthma due to the progression of her curve.  We shared contact information and wished them well.  About 3 weeks after her surgery Katie was home and making amazing strides in her recovery.  She was as intrigued with William as we were with her.  William and Katie had the same degree of curvature to their spines, one 10 months old and the other 17 years old.  Katie is two years post surgical, in college, & is speaking out about her experience with other teens facing the same.  She shares every aspect of her procedure and recovery.  She encourages others to not fear what is in front of them rather walk in informed and ready for battle.  She is FIERCE! 

 There are aspects of each story that is different and each child/teen has an amazingly unique personality.  William, Jackson, Max, Makenna, Rylie, Giana, Kaity, Addyson, Adelyn, Massi, Josiah, Caydence, Grace, Grace, Krissy, Kiya, Sebas, Max, Caydon, Keira, Chloe, Ilijana, Taylor, Teddy, Dylan, Ian, Katie & Lauren face adversity and struggle head on everyday.  They cry when they are scared and they fight when they are mad.  The one tried and true personality trait of each of these families is their amazing resiliency.  They adjust and adapt to their changes in care far faster then we as parents ever could or do.  They are FIERCE.  They get knocked down, but they get up again.  Nothings going to keep them down.   What Scoliosis tried to take, these kids turned and said Suck it!  Until next time, Keep it Curvy.

Catie (Scoliosis Sucks) D.

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