Memos from some mad mommas- Part 4

Memos from some mad mommas- Part 4
Our Beauty Miss Rylie.

Memos from some mad mommas series has been extremely cleansing for so many families.  The question posed: What would you say to scoliosis if you had the chance?  The answers are true, authentic to each family and child.  These parents have been in this process at least a year and for many, longer.  They are tired and still in the fight.  We will run the series until every letter has been heard and then burn the letters at our Mom's weekend November 18 & 19th.  Bring on the campfire!  I smell scoliosis going up in smoke soon! 

Volume 4 submitted by: Kelli S. in Anderson, Indiana, Mommy to Rylie(Progressive Infantile Scoliosis)

Dear Scoliosis,

There are so many things I want to say to you, and none of them good. First of all, I am completely PISSED OFF that you are stealing pieces of my sweet baby girl's childhood! You don't care who you hurt, or when. You are like a freight train in so many our daughter's organs, to our "normal world", and to our emotions. Scoliosis, leave these sweet babies alone!!! You have taken so much of us, even when we feel tapped out, and have nothing left to take it. Take, take, take, take. I can't wait until you are out of our lives for good!

Suck It, Scoliosis


Kelli showed amazing strength turning in her letter this week.  Miss Rylie is in her cast off week which has turned to a week of worry and dread for her mommy.  We have all been there the tears that start for no reason and just won't stop.  The constant eyeing of the spine for any signs of movement.  The terror of doing this once again.  You are a brave warrior Kelli!  We are blessed to know you.  We are sending strength and hope to you as Miss Rylie visits the OR at Chicago Shriners once again on Monday!  Additional Prayers are being sent to Mr. Max in Chicago and his family.  They are also casting Monday at Chicago Shriners.  STRENGTH and HOPE!  Suck It, Scoliosis! 


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