Memos from some Mad Mommas Part 3-The Silver Lining

Memos from some Mad Mommas Part 3-The Silver Lining
Our little ray of sunshine!

Of course my friend Sarah had to throw me for a loop with this one.  She wanted me to embed a  video to run while you are reading her letter.  Overachiever!  I am not that fancy Sarah!  She is one of my silver lining friends.  Dear Heaven I love her silver lining.  Don't let her pollyanna act fool you, we have spent many a weekend on the phone sharing a cocktail bashing the beast in our lives.  I love your amazing spirit my girl!  You can rainbow coat my whole flippen long as it includes a cocktail. 

Volume 3, Submitted by Sarah from Manhattan, IL, Mom to Giana (Congenital Scoliosis and Kyphosis)

Dear Scolosis,

I think I have a love hate relationship with you. I hate what you have taken away from my daughter. I hate that she cannot take a bath every night with her sister. I hate that she cannot swim in the summer. I hate that she hurts when her cast is off. I hate that we know this cast is just a bandaid until the dreaded day of surgery. I hate that kids look at her and ask about her cast. I hate that she is noticing how clothes look different on her. I hate that she is asking why she is different. I hate that for the 1 week every 12 that her cast is off that you make me so sick with anxiety, I have a very hard time holding it together. I hate you Scoliosis.

But... You have made me view life in such a different way. You have made me aware of how amazing both of my daughters are. One for having the strength, courage and acceptance to go through cast life. And the other for having empathy far greater than any other 7 year old I know. You have led me down roads I would have never gone down. You have given me friends I would have never met, and who I now cannot live without. And most importantly you have pushed me into trusting in God, more than I knew how to before. So while I hate you Scoliosis, I thank you, for opening my eyes to things I might have missed.

Suck It, Scoliosis

Sarah B.
4 of the Chi-town Sisters
Jackson and Giana
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