Memos from some mad Mommas-Part 2

Memos from some mad Mommas-Part 2
Massi fought Infantile Scoliosis & set it STRAIGHT!

Yesterday we posted the first of a series of letters written by some fierce advocates and dear friends.  The question asked, what would you say to scoliosis if you had the chance?  The letters are cathartic, cleansing and real.  These parents have stuck it to scoliosis.  I will feature a different family and letter until all the voices are heard.  A big thank you to Amy R. and Kelly Johnson for the idea.  Amy suggested we feature a piece outlining Scoliosis and it's dirty little lies.  Kelly is my friend and founder of the Dear Robin project.  As I explained in my Remembery Day post the Dear Robin project allows those dealing with grief and loss to share their thoughts with their loved one whom they lost.  I pray my friends find their Dear Scoliosis letters equally healing.  Please understand these families are dealing with a constant roller coaster ride.  The ups and downs will last a lifetime for all families dealing with this diagnosis.  Thank you for allowing me to share this platform with some dear friends.

Volume 2, Written by Chicago resident and friend Tracy, Mommy to Massi age 2(Progressive Infantile Scoliosis)

Dear Scoliosis,

 You entered our lives when massi was a mere 6 months old. You were randomly caught during a visit to the dr. for a cough! My heart broke when the doctors told me you had entered my babies back!! We went to see a Dr. about you and they wanted to let you continue to curve and ruin my babies back! I had enough of you and getting away with harming my baby... You had to be stopped!

We found out about casting and how it could possibly erase you from our lives!
Yes, casting is slowly erasing you from our lives but not without emotionally, physically, and draining me, my family and Massi! YOU dont allow my sweet boy to enjoy water and pools with his brothers! Instead in the summer he is locked up in the house where it is cool... Fun!!! We have a pool in our yard and my other boys can't go swimming unless massi is sleeping as not to upset massi! You suck!!! Massi is such a sweet and resilient boy and he is kicking your ass. He started at 43 degrees and how straightened you out to 15 degrees! We find out how much more he kicked your ass in 3 weeks...Beware! Massi is one stubborn kid who won't give up!!

You can try to ruin our lives BUT we have friends, family and our casting buddies to try to educate people about the ugliness you exude and to help us as you try to linger in our children's bodies!
Beware Scoliosis we are coming at you fierce and strong!!!!

Suck It, Scoliosis


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