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17 Again

One of my best friends lives with me in Chicago. Whenever we drive back home to Michigan she insists on taking a trip down memory lane and miring through my old burned CDs to find the appropriately titled “cheesiest CD.” Think boybands circa Justin Timberlake’s corn rows, vintage Britney and when Mandy Moore had a... Read more »

Post Mortem Thoughts

When we laid my grandma to rest, as with the loss of any loved one, it’s hard not to feel an increased awareness of mortality. Thinking of the times gone by and how to make the most of the time still left. I’ve always found death very uncomfortable, very unnatural – even though it’s one of the most natural parts... Read more »

This Is Why

I have to start by saying that I wrote this a little over a week ago. It was just days before they put my grandma into the hospice where she’d inevitably spend her last week. All I can remember is hearing my mother’s voice crack over the phone, and how it awoke this terrible hurt inside.... Read more »

Run At The Problem

There’s a saying floating around that physical activity can solve any problem, and that’s some damn good advice. I mean, imagine if when people started getting fiesty they just played a game of leap frog and calmed the hell down? For me, a good run can put just about anything to bed. A bad day... Read more »

Like An Onion, One Layer At A Time

A few years I go, I reconnected with an old flame – which was a mistake. However, the distance with which we were able to grow without each other allowed us to have much more honest, and not so emotionally-charged, conversations about our flawed past. And in one of these conversations, he said something that stayed with... Read more »

Midnight Musings

If you watched the Super Bowl, you probably saw the car commercial where the Sandman trips, and the spill of his dream dust sends the main character on the most busy, awesome dream ever as a result. The other night felt similar, like something out of nowhere had sent my mind teeming, but instead of race cars and supermodels – it... Read more »

A Reason, Season or Lifetime

Last week over dinner and drinks, which would end up with emphasis on the drinks, a good friend and I spent the evening getting tipsy to unload from the work week. As usual, a majority of our conversation floated between work, men and upcoming plans, but at some point our conversation turned to friendships when talking... Read more »

An Alarming Morning

There is no sound I hate more than an alarm clock. Even when timed to something that’s supposedly more pleasant, like a favorite song or some yuppy nature shit, such as waves lapping against the shoreline, when I hear the tick of it turning on my body tightens in protest. And this unbridled hatred is surely responsible... Read more »

The Year of Action

I’ll admit that I entertain my horoscope from time to time for fun. Especially packed against strangers on the train ride home – it’s a great way to occupy myself so I’m not thinking about the passengers who’s elbows are wedged against my sides. As the year turned over, the cosmos told me that I... Read more »

And To All A Good Night...

When did it become the holidays? I don’t know if I was too distracted by the apartment leak, a busted car and beers in the sun to see summer give way to fall, and too occupied with college football and fighting a cold to notice fall cascade to winter. But here we are, and Christmas... Read more »