Post Mortem Thoughts

When we laid my grandma to rest, as with the loss of any loved one, it's hard not to feel an increased awareness of mortality. Thinking of the times gone by and how to make the most of the time still left.

I've always found death very uncomfortable, very unnatural - even though it's one of the most natural parts of life.  To me, it is an odd thing, a jarring thing - to have someone so continually and importantly in your life suddenly removed. That these nuts and bolts that make us up just give out - and all of the beautiful things we think and feel and are just ... go away. For me, that's always been very hard to understand.

But, I think, it can also be a gifted thing, gifted in the way we are able to see the world after. With fresh eyes and a softened heart - hungry for possibility. I suppose that's the good we find, if we are to find any at all.

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