Run At The Problem

There's a saying floating around that physical activity can solve any problem, and that's some damn good advice. I mean, imagine if when people started getting fiesty they just played a game of leap frog and calmed the hell down?

For me, a good run can put just about anything to bed. A bad day at work, love handles or a mind full of questions - it's a never fail remedy. When my feet hit the streets - everything just goes quiet.

Not since college have I had such awful insomnia. Each night for the last week, I engage in an all-out wrestling match with my sheets, and usually find myself tangled and restless the next morning. But not the fun kind.

I can't right figure out where all of this tossing is coming from. Nor have I been able to figure out the solution. Not reading, not to-do listing, not quieting down the house to make it easier. Nothing. When I lay down, my body just wants to move.

So - that's exactly what I'm going to give it. I'm applying this physical activity philosophy in an effort to tire out my body. Run hard before bed, and hope it's too whipped to samba with the comforter.

And if it's not, well, at least I'm burning extra calories. That's something.... right?

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