An Alarming Morning

There is no sound I hate more than an alarm clock. Even when timed to something that's supposedly more pleasant, like a favorite song or some yuppy nature shit, such as waves lapping against the shoreline, when I hear the tick of it turning on my body tightens in protest. And this unbridled hatred is surely responsible for my freakish ability to wake up just before the alarm sounds. For as long as I can remember, my body will trigger itself awake so I can turn it off quite literally the minute before it's set to stir me from slumber. Always. I hate alarms that much.

Until this morning.

I had been dreaming deeply, vividly, when I yanked myself awake. Staring at my phone I saw 8:00am blinking back at me, which took a good minute for me to register that - #$%& - I had overslept and would have to scramble to work. My phone, and more importantly body, alarms had failed.

Which brings me to my point. Our bodies are always trying to tell us something. We get sick when we're running around trying to satisfy too many obligations. We get mind-numbing headaches when we're exhausted. Our bodies know better what we need before we do. Maybe I subconsciously was feeling burned out and not ready to face the day, which given the morning I walked into, that feeling was completely warranted. Despite a restful weekend, my mind had still been cycling, and maybe I just needed a break.

It's important to pick up on these cues so we can keep ourselves balanced. Because, apparently, if we don't address them, our bodies force that awareness on us.

Oh, and midway through my day - I realized I had put my shirt on backwards. Perhaps it was the rush out the door, or my body was telling me I was an unobservant dumbass. Which, I'm not going to argue either way.


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