The Year of Action

I'll admit that I entertain my horoscope from time to time for fun. Especially packed against strangers on the train ride home - it's a great way to occupy myself so I'm not thinking about the passengers who's elbows are wedged against my sides.

As the year turned over, the cosmos told me that I had been wishing aggressively for something and while fate was listening, I wasn't doing enough to achieve it. Even the universe was calling me lazy. And it was totally right.

I had decided 2012 would be the year of action, and this only re-affirmed it. This will be the year of doing things I typically just talk about doing. A year in which I won't let a fear of failing prevent me from trying. It's like jumping out of an airplane - you just have to go for it and trust the parachute will guide you to an easy landing.

Here's hoping my next horoscope doesn't warn of new endeavors ending badly.

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