And To All A Good Night...

When did it become the holidays? I don't know if I was too distracted by the apartment leak, a busted car and beers in the sun to see summer give way to fall, and too occupied with college football and fighting a cold to notice fall cascade to winter. But here we are, and Christmas is just a blink of an eye away.

And by now, I'm usually in the jolly spirit of the season, after drowning myself in Christmas carols and viewings of The Santa Clause. But this year, it doesn't feel like the holidays at all. Maybe because there is no snow on the ground and I'm not back at home yet, but each year I feel like there's less and less time to enjoy this time of year because it comes and goes so quickly.

But it being the holidays and all, it wouldn't be right without reflecting on a year gone by and being grateful for what I have - like a super awesome family and a new apartment with a normal toilet that doesn't look like it was plucked out of a prison.

And while 2011 did kick a few dents in my ass, it had its peaks too. So I'm looking forward to taking more risks for a fruitful 2012. After a great Christmas home with loved ones, work-free week, and way too much champagne.

Happy Holidays, all.

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