Fall Back

I don't usually reserve this space for something mundane as the weather. That's better saved for conversations with strangers and people you don't generally like and can't avoid. But dare I say I felt a brush of Fall today? Didn't we endure months of rainfall that rolled over into when summer was supposed to start? No! No! No! We just started embracing August, which is far too early to break out our coats and closed-toe shoes.

At the sake of whining, I feel that summer, and time itself is slipping too quickly by. It's been burdened with more responsibility than expected, and maybe I'm selfishly remembering that summers are supposed to be carefree and effortless.

Thankfully when Fall does arrive (cough-better be weeks from now-cough), we'll at least have apple cider and football to keep us company. When. As in not yet. Hear me up there?



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