Life of a Punching Bag

I warn ahead of time that this is a woe is me type of blog post.

I thought the pipe leak that showered my apartment was bad. But then I got rear-ended. And trapped in an elevator. I seriously hope I'm at the end of the "bad things happen in 3s" cycle because, man, have these last few weeks taken a beating on my sanity.

And I get things happen. And we all have bad runs of luck. But when they happen in such short succession from each other, frustration escalates to levels that are unhealthy. And I'm a girl. And girls cry, and I'm really not a fan of feeling vulnerable. 

And in times like this, while I get there are worse things happening to other people, lines like "at least no one was hurt" become more maddening than comforting. Because you're utlimately still stuck with a shitty situation you didn't as for. And that's what bothers me most, the lack of control I've had over it all.

I'll stop ranting over this immediately after this post. I don't want to waste time being negative, but I certainly needed to let it out. And I know I'm fortunate, and these things are blips on the radar - so I'll take a deep breaths, and shut up.

Which is why I'm turning on Comedy Central and pouring a glass of wine. Because when you can laugh, things are never that bad.

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