From Toots, With Love

I joke that my dad is the reason I'm just so darn picky in relationships. People say that a woman's relationship with her father sets the course for all of her relationships with men. And they say that because it's true.

And gosh darn it, my dad is awesome - and every susequent man in my life is going to have to live up to it. Fathers, they teach us daughters how to be strong and to know that we're worthy.  My father in particular is the most selfless person I know, and sometimes I wonder to the detriment of his own happiness. He puts our family first, and works hard so I could go to college, or move across the country. It's something I will spend the rest of my life to try and repay.

So, it being Father's Day and all, I want to thank my dad for all he's done. For supporting me when it killed him to watch me leave home to pursue my dreams. For teaching me that I'm worthy of great love. For making me laugh when I was self-conscious about making mistakes. For being patient and understanding when I dated the wrong guy, was copping a teenage attitude or broke something on my car. For instilling in me family values and a determined work ethic. For inspiring me to be strong and never settle

But above all else, for loving me always for who I am.

Happy Father's Day dad. From Toots, who despite creeping up on 30, will always be your little girl.

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  • Lovely----shed a few tears ---

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