A World of Expecting Little, And Settling for Less

After making my frist trip overseas last month and seeing the hoopla surrounding the royal wedding, I've been thinking a lot about chivalry. There's something very old world about Europe that I loved. Where things are done with respect to tradition and a nod to decadence. I love the idea of guys being gentlemen and women being ladies. And while I'm not ignorant enough to say chivalry is dead, I think we get away from it a lot.
Living in a world where luxury is determined by a brand handbag and thoughtful letters are replaced with mundane texts - it just seems to take away from the glamour.
Believe you me, I'm not saying we live everything second on accord. There can be nothing better than snuggling up with the one you love in sweatpants sharing some cheap beers and a pizza. But now and again - wouldn't it be nice to do things on a grander scale?

When trying to date my mom, my dad would drive nearly an hour to take her to lunch, and she would turn him down. And wouldn't you know, by god, he would just keep on trying. Now, a date is considered getting a text message to meet up with a guy for drinks when he's out with friends. Times have changed, sure, but when did we start settling for garbage? It almost feels at times that having expectations can hold you back. If you don't jump at the slightest gesture, you're too difficult. Hell - I don't think a lot people are difficult enough these days. They expect little and settle for less. We have to be realistic of course, but what happened to dreaming big - and being tough enough to see it through?

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