Nightstand Dreamin'

When I was little, I would wake up at all hours of the night and crouch under my nightstand lamp scrawling little poems, stories and ideas. It happened a lot, and my mom would wake up curiously when she'd see the light breaking through the crack of my bedroom door at 3:00am. Maybe it's the imagination that only comes with childhood, or the fact that now my creativity is muffled by the to-do list at work - but I haven't felt that type of inspiration in quite some time. Until this weekend.

Being back in my childhood room, reading through old stories, I felt it sneak up again - and quite literally had to stop what I was doing and pick up a pen to release all the words I felt bubbling up in my head. 

It was good to remember how that felt. I always wanted to be a writer when I was little, and at 26, I still want to be the same thing when I grow up. And while I widdle away at this big book idea I'm determined to conquer, it's important to remember to let everything else go quiet once a while to tap into what you wouldn't know was there otherwise.

No matter how crazy the dream, it's good to remember the things that kept us passionate when we were young. Connecting with the idea of all we want to do, before life got messy with all the things we need to do.  

It's important to always keep dreaming. And keep waking up to jot it down.

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  • Yes---- and don't give up- dreams do come true!!!!

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