Dark Age Vacationing

If it's seemed I fell off the face of the Earth, it's because I did. Or rather, I fell off this half of the Earth - and onto the other. I spent last week country bouncing in Europe with two great friends quite literally having the time of our lives. And you know what the best part of it was? I didn't exist. My phone was off, you couldn't reach me via email, IM or any other sordid Internet connection unless I decided to do the reaching out. Oh it felt good to have all the cards. And it felt even better to live in the dark ages where my phone couldn't go off and I couldn't answer. It's like being the invisible woman, only I'm galavanting out of sight at amazing restaurants and beautiful beaches. And it wasn't only the digital silence, but the language barriers that brought us back down to basics. Body language is universal and speaking with curious eyes and excited smiles was incredibly refreshing.

If there's anything I value it's experience, and being able to visit these great countries and live their lifestyles for a few days has left me thirsting for more. Oh, Europe, we will meet again.

But until then, I'll resume living in the now. As soon as I recover....



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