I have a sneaking suspicion that feelings come in pairs. Very ying and yang. I think it has something to do with internal checks and balances. Our way of knowing we're getting some sort of return on our investment in the bad, and that we darn well shouldn't take advantage of the good. Success/guilt. Regret/appreciation. Oh, universe you keep me centered.

Lately, I couldn't help but notice that while my my career was doing very well, maybe I should be doing more than basking in the awesomeness of it. Some people don't have jobs. Some people are struggling very hard financially. Some people are just lost with what they want to do. I know and love some of these people.

And regret, well that cheeky bastard rears it's head almost like clock work. And before I could get bothered to pieces about something, or more so someone, I regret from my past, I couldn't help but appreciate what it taught me.

Ying and yang my friends.


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