Once Upon A Time.....

Today after going to an afternoon movie with my friend, I realized I was now 0-3. I had seen 3 movies rented or otherwise in the past week that I'd heard great things about. And each one, despite their minor intrigues, left me feeling flat. It's a problem nowadays in Hollywood and Barnes & Noble that there aren't all that many great stories being told.
Storytelling in and of itself, is usually packaged in 2 ways. On one hand, you have stories that are outrageous. Stories that are so innovative, they can't help but become legendary. And the rest of the stories, are simply ordinary, yet endearing. Endearing in the sense that their familiarity is eclipsed by the strength of its characters and the emotions they weave from scene to scene.
And this is what I want to do. Tell a story, touch the audience in the way that it stays with you even after the happy, or not so happy, ending. So I'm not sure what it is. If the ideas are stale or the execution is poor, but I think it's time for a rebirth of good stories. I'm not saying I'll be the one to deliver it, and lord knows writing is where I'm most vulnerable and I'm terrified I won't succeed, but this has left me much more inspried to try. God willing, that New Year's resolution to write more will stick if it kills me.

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