Me, Myself and I

If this long weekend did anything, it got me to thinking about independence. And also, how the people who have it should covet it. Because, being independent is trying. And not everyone knows how to calmly take its reins without it spiraling into disaster. Companionship is easy. Being alone is not.

My parents joke that when they had a daughter, they wanted to raise her to be independent, and did too damn good of a job. I laugh because it's true. Often times I give into self-sufficiency instead of co-dependency. It's my nature. And I don't let fear slow me down.

Yesterday, when friends were busy, gone, or sick. I took myself skiing. Just me. Chairlift for one, and drink for one when I had to warm my fingers back to life. And while I drank my beer willing my body temperature back to normal a father got to talking to me. He talked about how he was teaching his kids to snowboard and asked me if I was out skiing with a group. When I told him "no" he gave me a very paternal smile and said "good for you." And he's right.

It's not easy to do the things you want without the comfort of a relationship, but finding the strength to do it is a really powerful thing. Friends, boyfriends, these things can come and go. But your stuck with yourself forever, and if you can't enjoy just yourself from time to time - don't expect anyone else too either.  

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