The past can be a good thing or a bad thing when it resurfaces, depending on how you approach it and who it involves. In this case, it was a really great thing. It let me know my footprints in San Diego hadn't washed away yet. Even when you forge relationships, sometimes you don't always know the impact you leave behind. And when moving on as life does, and especially moving away, sometimes you worry or question that memories quickly fade to make room for new ones. Which, of course they do, at least to some degree.

But the truth is, it's often surprising what, and who, stays with you and in turn with whom a piece of you stays behind. And you want to know the great news about that poppets? It's that at any given moment, there's a really good chance someone unexpected is thinking about you, remembering you or missing you.

Value the interactions and relationships you've had, you never know quite what they mean.

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