Living in a Winter Wonderland

If there is one question I get asked over and over again, it's: "Do you miss living in California?" And this is still over a year after I packed up shop and moved to Chicago. Each time this question is brought up, aside from some life-changing experiences and truly amazing people, the answer is always no. That's not to discredit my 3 years in San Diego. It had it's time, a really fantastic time, but it came and went - plain and simple.

Of course, after weeks of bundling up against sub-zero temperatures, this question begs to be reconsidered. But there's something really refreshing about winter. The air is really crisp and clean when you step aside, and there's something to be said about snuggling up in sweaters or watching a city go quiet when the snow starts to fall. That's what I'm feeling now.

Of course, ask me this at the end of January and I may be ready to fly South for winter.

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