Have Yourselves a Merry Little Holiday!

Oh, the holiday is upon us my friends. I'm sure most of you have already traveled home or are packing up to do so. Similar to the way too many presents and outfits stuffing I just lost to my suitcase. So, we'll keep this short and sweet.

I absolutely love the holidays. And this year, I've quite literally done everything I could to get in the spirit. Decorating my Charlie Brown-esque apartment tree, touring Christmas lights through Lincoln Park zoo, watching Love Actually and The Santa Claus more times than is imaginable, and playing Christmas carols on repeat. But yet, I feel it's still come too fast. There's still so! much! more! I could do. And while I can't wait to touch down in Detroit tomorrow and get festivities on their way, a part of my sad to see it get started so quickly - because I'll be flying home with another Christmas past before I know it.

I'm a holiday hog. I love delighting in the cheer and and feel of it before everyone gets miserable about the winter cold dragging on for far too long. It's light, refreshing, and comes once a year. Accept maybe when it finally gets warm and we all put aside wanting to kill each other to enjoy dusting off our sandals.

And more importantly, I love what Christmas brings. Myself, parents and brother sleeping under the same roof, with promise to have breakfast together in the morning - which rarely happens anymore. Blasting the hallelujah on our deck at midnight on Christmas Eve and toasting to the holiday arrival with our friends - while waking (pissing off?) our neighbors. That is what I look foward to most.

And, I can't go the season of mushy feelings without thanking you, dear readers, who actually entertain my ramblings and hopefully enjoy it in the process. Whether you get a laugh, can relate or feel better about your life compared to mine ;) haha.

So, I will end with this. Travel safely. Eat heartily. Drink merrily. And love vigorously. Happy Holidays.


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