Pour Some Sugar On Me

There are signs you know you're getting older. Like using the phrase "when I was your age" or suddenly liking things that - gasp - parents typically do. Tonight, was one of those moments. A night where I wanted to cook dinner. Yes - wanted. For those of you that know me, it's an event more rare than a solar eclipse. I'm the girl that could burn down a house by trying to boil an egg. But this evening it was more than tolerable, it was oddly soothing. Certainly made better by the fact of the newly-discovered 80s music channel on the TV and my singing "Pour Some Sugar On Me" into a spatula. Yeah - that happened. And I make no apologies about it.

And while the sauce wasn't as thick and the noodles weren't as soft as I would have liked - the point is that growing into adulthood responsibility isn't too bad. It's kind of refreshing, actually, and nice to know the growing pains are minimal at most. Of course, bringing Def Leopard along for the ride certainly helps keep things interesting, and fun.


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