Clearing the Ladder

It's been a couple of long months folks. For those who know me closely, knew I was getting increasingly unhappy with my work situation. There were strong personalities sparring off and a domino affect of situations left me knowing it was time to cut and run. After a bout of some unfortunate disappointments in the midst of this search, I got really serious - and breakthrough followed. An offer came through. A great one at that. It was the caliber of company and clients I was ready and wanting to move onto, an atmosphere where I felt comfortable, and a team that made me feel welcome.

Ah - the weight that's been lifted is astronomical. Job hopping can be tacky, but I look at a professional relationship like any other. If it's like a boyfriend that doesn't make me feel good about myself, well, it gets kicked to the curb. And the results are already showing. The term "glowing" was used, people.

Glowing. Cheers.   

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  • CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! You deserve it. All the best in your new endeavor....Life is an experience-- enjoy your future--

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