One Small Step For Man....

There comes a point in all our lives, when we need to take a stand. Whether it's a coworker, significant other or in other cases a random stranger, moments come when it has to be about what we want and we need, instead of the obnoxious demands of someone else. And these moments are usually found at the end of a rapidly fraying rope.

This weekend was one such moments, and man had it been a long time coming. One that would have sent me jumping up and down screaming at the top of my lungs if I didn't decide to push back. I would have blown a gasket. Seriously.

I was defiant, and honest, and demanding in my own right in hopes to inspire some sort of change. I've earned it, damn it.

So I think of Armstrong and his famous line about one small step for man. Because sometimes, it takes a little to accomplish a lot. And sanity is worth it.



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  • Love the heading & picture!! And YES,,, baby steps!!!We all have those moments and would love to take a small (or big) step to rectify the situation , or at the very least, make ourselves feel better!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good Luck!!

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