Totally Turned Off

I'm not sure why, but today started off on a very irritable note. And it echoed throughout the day. So, in retaliation, I turned off my phone. Let me tell you - I haven't felt this relaxed in a while.

We spend most of our days crazily checking for emails, texts and phone calls. Eagerly waiting for those that we're expecting, and getting frustrated over those that never come. It's exhausting with how connected we're expected to be.

So, I felt the need to test the "ignorance is bliss" theory - and it totally is. I can't frantically check my phone worrying about work emails I have to respond to, or lose sleep over anticipating them for tomorrow. I can't see the guy who's not calling or the friend not returning my text. The phone is off and I am gone.

Not that we can disapper or ignore responsibility forever, but it doesn't hurt to pull the plug from time-to-time. And, mmm, being turned off has never felt so good - I may never want to be turned on again ;) 

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