If Those Chips and Salsa Could Talk...

Tonight, I met one of my best girl friends for drinks. She texted me that she needed a night out, in a way that told me I didn't have a choice. And I wasn't ready to argue, I had reasons to bottom a glass or two myself.

And over margaritas and Mexican food, we laid waste to shitty weeks, stressful jobs and even shittier guys that were making us feel that we we didn't mean a thing.

But the more we talked, the less it mattered. Friendship is like a survival kit. It's the band aid that, no matter how deep the wound, always finds a way to right what's wrong.

And while it wouldn't be lady like to divulge what, or who, was talked about, we certainly had some laughs. Fall out of your chair and annoy the table over laughs. And really, there's nothing a great friend, and a great margarita, can't fix.


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  • You are soooooo right!!! A tall glass of something !! can fix alot of things-- at least temporarily!!! Like NOW!! enjoyed!!

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