Happy Anniversary!

The other day it dawned on me. Somewhere between the busy work hours and summer fun it had, almost, slipped my mind. It's been a full year in Chicago. My first year in the new city. My first "big girl" apartment because it doesn't completely (ok - partially) look like IKEA threw up all over it. My return to long lost friends and MidWest roots. My first trip back to my college stomping grounds since parting ways as a graduate. My first run back on the skii slopes. My ability to see my family much, much more often.

Really, it's been discovering new parts of myself as much as it has been reconnecting with my past. And in that sense it's been really nice.

Even though I'm starting to grapple with the idea of home owning and settling down as permanent a girl like me can, Chicago fits like a new pair of your favorite brand of sneakers, familiar, but refreshing. And I've got a few miles in me yet.

So, dear Chicago, thanks for this latest chapter and cheers to our future.

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