Race to the finish line

Competition, most of the time, is a fantastic thing. It drives us to push ourselves and gives a barometer for where we are and where we want to be. But in our 20s, its hard not to use that competitive spirit in all the wrong ways.

Let's face it, these years are an extended period of self discovery. If the teen years are for figuring ourselves out, our 20s are for applying it. Oh, and that means decisions, decisions, decisions.

I'm 25 - and I'm not sure anyone my age has it all, yet. But we compare our moves to one another until someone checks mate. I have the career, you have the family. But it's hard not to put what we have in perspective to others. We measure life by milestones, job, marriage, buying a home, they're all these things we've been told to find. Even though I'm not sure that's the formula for everyone. There's something very appealing about life as a vagabond living in a van driving from beach to beach - seriously.  

So while it's hard not to wince when hearing news of someone accompishing something you haven't, whatever it may be, it's important to remember that while all of us may be envying something from someone else, we've also got something to be envied. And everything else will fall into place.   



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