Play Your Cards

Fate is a funny concept. A surprising, sometimes cruel, but always entertaining concept. And people would argue both sides until they're out of breath. We're the captains of our destiny, or we're subject to what's already meant to happen. No matter what you think, you can't agrue that life is often times extremely coincidental.

That's how I know it. And I'll be damned if fate wasn't toying with me more than often than not and events weren't giving way to each other like dominoes. And its funny that each detail is like a thread, you pull one and the whole experience starts to unravel.

Maybe we subconsciously make decisions that lead us to what we don't yet know we want. All I know is that things happen too oddly to ignore. People come bounding into our lives and things fall into place in ways that are more suspicous than anything. It's like being on a constant crash course set to repeat itself until everything resolves itself.

Our future is of our making, but I think there's another hand being dealt without our knowledge, trumping our decisions when we don't make the right ones.





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