Perfect Stranger Therapy

My hairdresser is 30. She's seperated from her husband of 2 years. And while she was blow drying my hair she talked about wanting this life not tied down by responsibility. How she was in her prime and not ready to settle.

Lately, as more friends get married or couple off, I've been feeling left behind that I wasn't doing the same. It was an unnerving feeling that maybe I'm not doing what I should be. I'm growing up, maybe I should be growing into a family and letting the wild streak fade away. Suddenly, you can't hear yourself because it's drown out by the noise of all the things you should be doing. No wonder I couldn't know what I want, because I was looking at my life through someone else's perspective.

It took talking to a stranger to realize, I'm really damn happy where I'm at. I like enjoying my 20s, focusing on my career and dating casually. And while I'm getting there, I'm still not ready for marriage, kids or a permanent home to call my own.

That, and my hair looks awesome.  

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