A Spoon Full of Sugar...

What I should have done tonight was worked out. I should have come home from work, laced up the running shoes and committed to the fitness routine I've been hopelessly faltering off of.

Instead, I spent an hour on the phone catching up with an old friend. Which, in retrospect was likely better for my health.

Think of it, we define "health" as what affects our body. When we're uncomfortalbe in our own skin we take aggressive steps to improve ourselves physically. But what about our mental and emotional health?

Honestly it's the billowing laughter that makes me feel better and friendships that keep me going, keep me sane when the candle is burning from both ends. When we think of taking care of ourselves, we need to take care of all of ourselves. Anything from a few minutes to quiet the mind, or a dinner out with someone we love.

Time ticks away faster thatn we can grab at it, beacuse we're constantly doing. So to keep ourselves in check, maybe we need to visit old friends like we do doctors. Make it mandatory maintenace for our quality of life.

It's the type of medicine we all can stomach.  

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  • LOVE IT!!!! we all need a little SUGAR & SPICE--!!!Thoroughly enjoy all the articles!!

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