Next Stop, Memory Lane

Man did we unearth some treasures this weekend. Uncovering over an hour's worth of college pictures that left me laughing to tears. Pictures that etched these ridiculous and carefree moments in time. It was incredibly hilarious to remember the nights we thought we had long forgotten. 

It was sad though, too. Remembering these great people and places and ideas we had. It left me longing for relationships that have long since faded away and for things to be as they were then. It was amazing, for however fast it went.

But, wow, it was great to remember those people we were. Grasping at each minute with such vigor, before we were weighed down with responsibility and age. And it's still there. It lit a fire in me that's been flickering for some time. Go full speed ahead. Make no apologies. Sleep when you're dead. Those are philosphies we can always use no matter how old we get.

Maybe the clothes we wore in college don't fit, but the attitude sure as hell can. Time to try it on.  


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