Career Aptitude Then & Now

I remember taking career aptitude tests year after year when I was younger. Each elementary year, we were pulled aside and "tested" about who we should be. And my results always turned up the same. I was meant to write. And I actually wanted to write. I think about that alot. Not that I completely deviated from that plan, but I'm not doing it justice. It got me thinking about our kid selves, and what they would say about where we are now.

Granted, there were periods when my love for Top Gun lead me to believe I'd someday be a fighter pilot. Yeah, that was realistic. But it's fun to remember the things we hoped for, and maybe redirect our train of thought to embrace those youngster ambitions.

At this age, tasks like laundry trump the to-do list, rather than say, write that damn book I've been planning for the past few years. And who's to say what's more important. Sure I'll sleep in clean sheets, but at the cost of my creative sanity? My seven year old self would be sorely disappointed. Of course, she knew nothing about responsibility, but that's what I think we need to return to. Find that innocent frame of mind where we believe anything is possible. Because it is.

Unless, you think you're Maverick.

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