Balancing Act

I forget that I'm not 7 years old and invincible. Remember that age? When you didn't know bones would break or that you could wear down? I've been going full throttle on all cylinders, professional, personal, and now all I can feel is my body screaming STOP!

That certainly happens more in this age. The older we get, the more we're aware of our mortality. Like how I need 9 hours of sleep to feel funtional to my college self's 5 - if any. Or how the couch and quiet can be a better night time companion then a bar crowded with strangers. Life catches up, and it doesn't hurt to slow down.

And I think that's good, in moderation. Because 26 is not 16, but it's also not 36, 46, 56. Our 20s are a breath of fresh air in the sense that we get to make our own rules, before we're weighed down by too many responsibilities.

So while the couch will reign supreme at certain times, there will be others that totally warrant staying out late on a work night. It's balance, but then again - isn't everything? 

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