The older I get, the more I realize...

That I'm not invincible....bones break, muscles tear - and I happen to like myself in one piece

That i'm more like my mother than I'm willing to admit, and I have the ridiculous knick knacks and vacuum lines to prove it

That there may be some maternal instinct in me yet, and the idea of kids isn't terrifying....OK, it's still kind of terrifying, but I'm warming up to it

Cooking is actually very therapeutic, despite my impatience and the carry-out places I have on speed dial

That it's less about finding the perfect man, and more about the perfect time

That some months it's better to take that extra money and dump it in the 401K instead of another new pair of shoes, and sometimes it's not

That I'm too old to be that girl, but too young to not get into some trouble

That there are nights when the best party or newest bar can't trump time on the couch, and there are times you just have to suck it up and get out - despite a 60 hour work week

That I was really lucky to grow up the way I did, and where I did, and it really is true - there's no place like home

That the to-do list never ends, and often refreshes itself, and you really need to say to hell with it once in a while to do the things you want

That the older I get, the more I change, but the more I'm still the fiesty young girl that got me to where I am now - and likely will take me to who I'm meant to be

What are your revelations? 


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  • "That it's less about finding the perfect man, and more about the perfect time"

    I believe in that and often tell people that. In my opinion, there's no perfect soulmate, but you'll find a good match, and when you're ready, it'll feel right!! Great blog!! Can't wait for future posts :)

  • In reply to AudreyV:

    Thanks! So much about life is timing, even men!

  • Alright, I know I'm too old to be 'That Girl' but sometimes, it's damn fun :)

  • In reply to HappyLizard:

    Age is in the eye of the beholder ;)

  • "That the older I get, the more I change" I feel this way every day. But it is all a part of life, growing up, and gaining wisdom. :-)

  • In reply to Kellyd053:

    Exactly! We can stay ourselves but change too without the growing pains ;)

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