Welcome to the Quarter Life Crisis

Twenty-somethings. They're usually idolized. We have great metabolism, a semi lack of responsibility and the world at our feet. Sort of. I'm 25 and finding that's not exactly the case.

After college, we're thrust into a world of decisions. What kind of job do we want? Should we pursue careers with high paychecks or work we find personally gratifying? Where do we want to live? Do we want to get married? Should we only date people that we think have the potential to marry? And all of this under the microscope of society, parents, grandparents and peers - all watching to see how we evolve into who we're "meant" to be.

It's exhausting and confusing and exciting all at once. As young as we are, it's hard not to feel time speeding by. So, really, all we can do is grab it by the reins.

And that's what we'll explore here. All the lessons, mistakes and decisions that make up the quarter life. My promise to you is to be honest to the point of embarassment, in hopes it'll spur a few laughs or give you some solace that you're not in this alone. So stay tuned, and feel free to reach me - I'm always hear to listen.

Welcome to the Quarter Life - fasten your seatbelts.



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