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I Prefer to Date Men From Two Parent Homes

I Prefer to Date Men From Two Parent Homes
After a heated debate with one of my best friends, I’ve come to the conclusion that I prefer to date men from a two parent home. I know that there are a lot of single mothers out there and that may be by choice and or circumstance. I applaud the work that you do to keep your... Read more »

Nappy Gabby

Now you know Gabrielle Douglas should have gotten a touch up before she went to London. That girl is setting a bad example with her hair looking all nappy and untamed. I am almost ashamed to be black looking at her head all over the big screen tv. She knew the world would be watching her... Read more »

Why Do New Year’s Resolutions FAIL?

Why Do New Year’s Resolutions FAIL?
I am the epitome of happy right now. I lived to be 31 and I can say I am stable. I can always do better but thank God I am happy. A lot of people are unable to say that but I can and that is the best birthday present anyone could ever want. I... Read more »

"You're Begging To Be Raped on Halloween!"

"You're Begging To Be Raped on Halloween!"
  I tweeted a few days ago that I love Halloween because you can go outside dressed however you want and people won’t judge you. It’s one of the most liberating days of the year where we all unite as ultimate party-goers. When asked what I was going to wear this weekend I tweeted that... Read more »
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    The story of my life summed up in one line... "Am I being punk'd?" Other than that I'm a writer, teacher, on-air personality and professional flirt. Too bad I have a real life chastity belt and my grandfather died with the key. Eh, Such Is Life!

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    Damned Dating Dame By Jessica LaShawn Damned Dating Dame By Jessica LaShawn Dating after the age of 30 should come equipped with a journal, weekly shoots of Vodka and complimentary supervised appointments with a tank of laughing gas. I was able to document 30 of my worst dates within a series to help me figure out where I was going wrong with my actions, the men I dated and how I went about expressing myself. Join me on my journey and learn from my mistakes. A few of my dates were featured with the New York Times, Dr. Oz, Yahoo and CBS. Such is life!
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