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Pretty Hurts: Just Be A Girl

Pretty Hurts: Just Be  A Girl
Tonight I had a late lunch with an ex boyfriend of mine. This is normal for us as we are still very good friends. We often talk about our love lives, business and current hot topics. I couldn’t help but mention how obsessed I am with Beyonce’s new album and he just laughed. He asked... Read more »

Nappy Gabby

Now you know Gabrielle Douglas should have gotten a touch up before she went to London. That girl is setting a bad example with her hair looking all nappy and untamed. I am almost ashamed to be black looking at her head all over the big screen tv. She knew the world would be watching her... Read more »

I Can't Commit, If I 'm Not Impressed

I Can't Commit, If I 'm Not Impressed
I really want to write about something political and thought provoking but my mind won’t allow me to concentrate on anything outside of how I am feeling today. I woke up repeating the phrase “He’s Just Not That Into You!”  Have you ever been head over heels for someone and come to find out that... Read more »