Boycotting ChiRaq Hurts More Than it Does Good

Boycotting ChiRaq Hurts More Than it Does Good

The controversial movie ChiRaq has already inspired boycotts of the movie in theaters this week in protest of the movies presumed glorification of violence. But when has Spike Lee ever done our people wrong? This man's career has been built on the principle of creating an empowering message and this theatrical performance does that in a dated yet prophetic way.   

The boycott of this movie will do more to hurt us than to help us. The black community is so quick to jump on bandwagons that we miss the point a lot of the time. If folks would've done their research they would've been able to put two and two together and concluded what on earth this movie could possibly be about. 

The movie in no shape form or fashion glorified violence but gave it a name and that name was HURT. The movie instead focused on the power of unity , an action plan and leadership! All three mean nothing without the courage to be held accountable for your part of the revolution! It showcases how everyone is involved in the link to change even if you live in the suburbs or the White House, the movement can not take place until we ALL unite! 

So what can we benefit from by staying at home and hindering a rare all black cast from achieving success on their debut weekend? NOTHING! We are sadly going to show that no one wants to see black people on the big screen and no one cares about the real issues plaguing our communities. I'll be honest this movie is true to Spike Lee’s previous catalog and may not resonate with the youth of today but it can be a talking piece for sure and can lead to spin off plays within the community to spread the word. So don't stay at home because of the title , you're boycotting the wrong agenda! 

Today I'm taking a few teens from the west side of Chicago to go see this movie on behalf of the Jessica LaShawn Foundation ( ). We are going to talk about our problems as a community that were addressed within the film and we are going to talk about what their idea of a solution is. I suggest you do the same! 


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