Oprah Can't Afford A 38,000 purse?

Oprah Can't Afford A 38,000 purse?

I woke up to a text message from my best friend telling me to watch a VIDEO that highlights THE OPRAH WINFREY describing a horrible shopping experience. The first thing that came to mind was the iconic scene from the movie 'Pretty Woman'  but after watching the clip I was shocked to hear that Oprah was the recipient of an element of discrimination.

Apparently, while visiting the lovely land of Zurich  the media mogul decided to visit the shop of one of Tina Turner's good friends. Ms. Winfrey was there to support Tina during her wedding ceremony the next day. It is my guess that Tina suggested the shop for the star to browse in.  The Oprah Winfrey show clearly doesn't have a strong following within Zurich which might explain why the lead cashier within the boutique refused to show Oprah  a 38,000.00 hand bag designed by Tom Ford because it was "too expensive" and the clerk didn't want to "hurt her feelings" with the price. The cashier continuously suggested smaller and cheaper bags to view but Oprah left. Before exiting she told the cashier " you're probably right, I can't afford it."
Moral of the story is to never judge someone based on what they look like or who you think they are. That cashier lost out on a years worth of rent via the commission of the purse. Orphans statement to EOnline sparked such a media uproar that the owner of the shop issued an apology, Tom Ford made the purse a collectors item and the Director of Tourism issued a personal and public apology to Oprah highlighting that no one in Switzerland is racist. Such is life kids!

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