What to Wear to Jason Collins "COMING OUT PARTY"

What to Wear to Jason Collins "COMING OUT PARTY"

Jason Collins, a professional NBA player has turned the world upside down with his confession to Sports Illustrated about his sexual preference. He's GAY! Yes, a professional athlete has come out of the closet. This is rare and historical. But he isn't doing it just to get it off his chest. He is doing it to raise awareness about homophobia within the sports world. This huge publicity stunt is all in promotion of his upcoming Proud To Be Gay Bash which will raise funds for community organizations that assist individuals struggling with accepting, embracing and handling their sexual preference.

A close friend of Jason says that "it took a lot for him to do this but he knew he had to. It is about standing up for who you are. No one should have to pretend. Life is too short. Once you get a certain age you realize that it's your life. We are all about helping others realize that now." Things are moving fast with the release of the news and all parties involved want the media to focus on the normalcy of it all. "There are a lot of people that share the same preference , the only difference is that Jason is a professional basketball player" mentioned his confidant.

The event is a bold step for Jason and his organization to fight against different stigmas against minority homosexual men. He is quoted by Sports Illustrated as saying "I'm a 34-year-old NBA center. I'm black. And I'm gay." I am proud of this brother and the courage it takes for him to be a leader within a new era of the gay rights movement. I couldn't help but wonder what I would wear to the bash? Check out my idea below

Let me know what you think?

Why do you think he chose Sports Illustrated?

Will this harm his career?

Do you think others will follow?

Will you go to the bash?



What to Wear to Jason Collins "COMING OUT PARTY" #ProudToBeGayBash

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