Interview with the cast of BET's The Game with Relationship Advice

Interview with the cast of BET's The Game with Relationship Advice
Jessica LaShawn interviews the cast of the game

Dating is the most popular game known to man kind. The art of attraction is sprinkled with action and luck. Many women are searching for clues and tricks of the trade to assist them with scoring the man of their dreams. In search of such a guy they find themselves turning to self help books, tv shows and more. So, the premier of BET's the Game now on its 6th season was no different. Many women gathered around their televisions sets with their best friends within an arm length or a phone dial away- eagerly awaiting the drama to unfold on the screen. The show was full of unpredictable surprises from the trade of lead cast member Pooch Hall aka Derwin to the break out fight introducing the new focal point and eye candy of the show, Mr. Blueprint himself, Bryce.

The show showcased the struggle of being the good girl or letting go as a bad girl. New lead actress this season is none other than Lauren London  who plays the  child star eagerly awaiting adulthood within the eyes of the media, Keira Whitiker of the fictional show "Stuck Together. " I was able to talk to the cast about the premier and Lauren expressed her excitement about joining the cast and how she thought she was auditioning for a regular role at first and not a lead . The 5 foot 2 inch actress known for being the cutie within the hit movie ATL is credited for portraying a pretty girl with a shy side that invokes curiosity among men easily. She doesn't stray too far from that with her character on The Game. She enters the story line desperate to keep her career afloat when she runs into the number 1 draft pic for the NFL who happens to take the spot of Derwin on the city's team. He, Bryce, mentions that he is a fan of  Keira and how he thinks being famous is amazing. A simple kiss from her made him a social network sensation with the ladies. Even Keira's best friend, played by singer/dancer Ciara had to get a piece of the action by providing Bryce with a late night work-out plan sealing his dream "signing day." I was able to get a few words from the cast on why they felt this season is better than the rest.
JL:  I Know you're excited about the show and your fans are excited about your new role. Tell us about your character Lauren and how you relate to her?
Lauren London: I really can't relate to Keira because she is 20 and I'm 28 with a child. However, she is at that age where you're trying to find yourself as a person and any woman can relate to that. She is trying to understand who she wants to be and how to go about maintaining her career.
JL: The Game is all about the art of love and war within relationships. What are some of the biggest challenges you've faced within relationships and have they helped you embrace your role on the show?
Lauren London: Relationships are hard for anyone. The hardest thing is trying to find someone that you really connect with and can develop a supreme bond with. That is the ultimate goal and also the biggest challenge. My character struggles with that as I am sure many of our viewers do too as well. So that is what makes my character someone you can relate to.
JL: How would you describe your characters approach towards men? What are her biggest mistakes and in your opinion how can women avoid them in real life instances?
Lauren London: Well, my character is young and I think she gets into some hard situations but I can't tell you about any of them because I will be giving you too much. You know as a woman just follow your heart. Know what you're really looking for try to find it.
JL: How are you balancing that as a mom with an acting career?
Lauren London: Being a single parent is hard in general so I respect all out there doing it but I co-parent with my son's father. We are still friends and we do what is best for our child.
JL: Brandy, you're back this season , tell us about your character and what we can expect from her.
Brandy: Well, she is all about getting used to becoming a wife and being new money. You know she came from nothing and now that she has something with her husband she is trying to make him proud and fit into the stereotypes of an athletes wife.
JL: What can we look forward to fashion wise from your character as well as yours Lauren?
Brandy: My character starts off ghetto fabulous but you'll never guess what she will become.
Lauren London: I am nothing like my character  I am more of a laid back girl where as my character is all about dresses and heels. We keep it trendy on The Game and I am sure that a lot of women will love the fashion.
JL:  Well Brandy, you're a new wife on the show and a soon- to-be wife in real life. Was your real life proposal a match to your moment from the show?
Brandy: He asked during the Christmas holiday in front of my whole family. He did everything by the book with tradition and picked the ring out himself. I couldn't be happier. I'm excited to be a bride. I'm really getting into the planing and I just wish I could share this with my fans who have been waiting with me for this moment.
JL: You're new to The Game as well Jay, tell us all about this Mr. Blueprint.
Jay Ellis: Well he is a little young and arrogant. Everything seems to be working out great for him after leaving Stanford University and being the number 1 draft pick (football.) His life is really good and then he meets his child hood crush which is Keira. She kind of fuels his "other" ambitions.
JL: You have a lot in common with your on-screen character I see.
Jay Ellis : Yes, I am also a military brat just like Bryce. I think that makes the character more real to me and I am able to play him with more depth and precision.
JL: I believe that's because the character was tailored for you as an individual. I think you're going to be amazing and congratulations on this.
This show is all about love, fame, money and the struggle to be on top. Join the cats for its 6th season on BET premiered 3/26/2013. Although it is noted as a comedy turned soap opera -you will be forced to tune in to every minute as you're taken on a journey trough the lives of numerous game changers. Be sure to have your popcorn and cell phone ready because you're going to be chewing and tweeting every Tuesday night watching BET's The Game.
Photos used with permission via BET Networks.

Jessica LaShawn interviews the cast of the game

Jessica LaShawn interviews the cast of the game

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