I Can't Commit, If I 'm Not Impressed

I Can't Commit, If I 'm Not Impressed

I really want to write about something political and thought provoking but my mind won't allow me to concentrate on anything outside of how I am feeling today. I woke up repeating the phrase "He's Just Not That Into You!"  Have you ever been head over heels for someone and come to find out that you don't have  shot in hell for a chance for their heart? I'm sure we all have been shot down before. I learned a long time ago that the best way to get over someone that's not into you is to "erase, replace and embrace a new face" like TLC said!

I know it sounds bad but at some point in time you just have to realize that you can not win them all. When it comes to guys I play in the major leagues because... well... I'm a Capricorn. I know you guys are tired of me saying it but I do have a certain type of guy I like. No, I'm not hell bent on getting a "BALLER" but I just need a guy that's going to constantly make me proud. After a long twitter convo' with another Capricorn I realized that I can not commit if I am not Impressed.

We've heard it time and time again about women and their God awful checklists for the man of her dreams. Usually its a long conglomerate of things that even Jesus would need help living upt o but for me all I need is the serious 5.

1. Spiritual- You don't have to carry a mini bottle of Holy Oil with you everywhere you go but don't be afaid to say grace before eating and tell the Lord thank you before, during and after your day.

2. I've realized that saying a man needs a college degree is a little too much to ask for so how about I say -attended college. Whew. At least you gave it a try and realized that maybe ....just maybe... this extended education thing isn't for me. I understand. Hell I've been in graduate school since 2004....looks around for my imaginary degree!

3. You can never go wrong with a man that is family oriented. Although there is a thin line between this and being a mommas boy. I remember being about 16 years old and dating this guy who shall remain nameless and he came to pick me up for our first date. His mother was with him and she wanted to make sure that I came from a good home. She sat down and talked with my mom and dad and asked to have prayer. This was by far the turning point that convinced me that a second date wouldn't be necessary but afterwards he told me he still sleeps in the same bed as her. #Rejected  Yet, a man that makes time to call his mom and dad is a star. A guy that doesn't mind holding his sisters baby and changing a diaper while she takes a nap and ins't grossed out by the though  of his parents kissing each other on the cheek and holding hands. Whew, where are you my sensitive but manly man?

4. Humble. I like a guy that isn't afraid to talk to the homeless, help a fellow brother in need but knows when someone is trying to USE HIM. A guy that volunteers at a hospital and goes and sits with a few sick kids or decides to be the official storyteller on a random Tuesday at a school on the south side. I love a man that gives back because I was raised to do the same.

5. Ambitious. Que Kanye "He got that ambition baby look at his eyes, this week hes washing lettuce but next week he'll be on fries." I am a person that can never do enough. I like to continuously have something to work towards. I have this approach to work, love and Life in general hence I am a Capricorn. Therefore, I need a guy that isn't easily content. he is working hard to work even harder because when you work hard something good will come. That's my attitude and I love a strong minded, aggressive man that lives by that same creed.

So, am I really asking for too much with my checklist? That's why I like a certain type of guy. A leader, not a follower. A lane maker not a road traveler. So, when I have my eyes set on a guy and I know that he embodies such characteristics it's hard to settle for anything else. But when he is so focused on his career that I am not even an option- that is when my check list comes and bites me in the arse.

Welp, Maybe that's why Kim Kardashian decided to leave her boo thang' after 72 days. She wasn't feeling the "aggressiveness" she had hoped for. I know that was random. I don't apologize. I just wanted to mention that because it was the most profound thing to happen this week in pop culture. Make sure we wish Kris a happy life beyond the Kardashian fame. See, I'd date. Someone hook that up for me. Anybody! My number is 312-


There is no lesson learned here. Once again I KNOW what I want and I refuse to change my mind because I know that in the end that I'll know I had it right all along. Le'Sigh. Thanks for reading guys. I'll keep working on my thought provoking Political piece after my heart feels up to it.


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  • Don't you hate when you want to be all NPR Chic and all you can think to write about is WHERE ARE MY KEYS?! WHY IS EVERYONE SO MEAN?! Blogger block.

    Also, quite hilarious on the 16-year-old bunkin' with his mom. Wowza.

  • Nice article. He'll come. I stepped outside my comfort zone and now I have the best guy ever!
    Shoya of the Six Brown Chicks

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