7 Reasons Why Kim Kardashian is Getting Married

For years we all have been "dazzled" by the Kardashian mojo. They've been able to establish themselves as socialites with a purpose, business women, fashionistas, lovers and sometimes fighters. Lets thank their overwhelming ability to entertain us  to their talented mother Kris Jenner, her gift of gab could renegotiate religion- she could even sell ice to an Eskimo but with a daughter like Kim making headlines is NEVER hard. Let alone a marriage!

While watching Maid in Manhattan earlier today I realized why Kim Kardashian is such a catch. Besides the fact that she is very beautiful and you can not go a day without the media covering the countdown to her wedding which just landed a two day special on E, she's a good girl. I know the majority of us have seen the sex tape and that's old news but even then we saw her as a submissive woman ready to play the role to make her man happy. Typical of a Scorpio! Maybe that is what us "Independent Women" are missing that keeps our ring fingers empty. We've been brought up to to accomplish so many things WITHOUT a man because we've been taught that he would leave us but not Kim. Ladies take note!

7. Kim is a FAMILY oriented girl. She grew up in a stable home where her parents were happily married with children for years. After a stressful event her parents divorced and her mother was remarried to Bruce Jenner (I'll be honest I DOUBT I could date a guy named Bruce he even LOOKS like his name is Bruce!). Either way she knows what marriage looks like, the struggles within it (even though she's been married a few times herself) and the mind state needed to make it "Last Forever."

6. Kim is a LOVER! She wears her heart on her sleeve. Even though she has been hurt before you never hear her dwell on the past. Ladies, my Granny used to say you don't travel into your new home with dirty clothes. Leave that baggage at the door! She is open and honest with her man (I really don't know this but hey it's a "bloggers guess.") and she isn't afraid to show a few public displays of affection.

5. Look at that TEMPLE. We all know that Kim is better known for her back view on life. Outside of that, she works damn hard to stay in shape. Many mistake her dedication to not being seen at her best as a sign of weakness but I do not. If a woman knows what she is worth and believes in her own beauty she would respect herself enough not to under-mind that and try her best to showcase her grade "A "self as much as possible. So ladies, love yourself enough to take pride in the way you look when your are out and about. Show people that you care about yourself, not just for show but for self!

4. Speaking of how you present yourself to the public- Kim is a FASHIONISTA. That deserves it's own bullet point for many reasons. Although most men hate to admit it - they love to see a woman that can dress. A woman that can dress can leave a stinging impression on anyone that comes into contact with her. It leaves an ever-lasting impact that forces people to respect , admire and remember you after you're long gone. Your ensemble serves as a people magnet. The better you dress the better the catch!

3. With the name Kardashian you know a business merger is on the brink. Kim holds her own in her relationship with a focused plan that earns her a few pretty pennies. Her clothing store with her sisters has a few prime locations, her fragrance line is successful and the numerous amount of endorsement deals are astonishing. This isn't a gold digger ladies and gentleman she's a gold maker. Like daddy used to say- don't take a woman to dinner if all she can do is eat off the plate, gotta make sure she can cook, pack and clean it afterwards.

2. This is a CONFIDENT woman. Every time I've been able to chat with Kim she has been articulate about her thoughts, passion and opinions. A beautiful woman with a mind might not be so hard to come by as many have thought, hell look at me! She's able to hold a conversation with the best of them with ease and some men find that sexy. They all should to be honest. A confident woman that doesn't allow herself to be type-casted as a brainless beauty is clearly one of Kim's charming characteristics.

1. Her and Kris are equally yoked. With Kris as a famous athlete often criticized for games, out bursts and more- Kim can relate. Her names always in the tabloids and who knows how to deal with the challenges of being in the public eye better than another person dealing with the same issues. A support system is there for these two that I doubt either has really had before. As long as they play the Jay Z and Beyonce card (OUR marriage is OUR business) I think these two kid's jump over the broom will not be in vain!


BONUS: In case you guys didnt know Kim is lucking up here also. He is a football player- meaning that he will make big strong kids (sorry I just love a big man!)!



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  • I'd like to find 7 substantive reasons anyone should care.

  • I have never been a fan of Kim. I too think that she is gorgeous, but I also think that she lacks any depth. Her sisters on the otherhand are pretty awesome and appear to have layered lives not focused on their outer appeal, of which we all know fades.

    I'm glad Kim is getting married. Maybe then she will get less fan fare and they will spend more time focusing on the other sisters who seem to have it together a lot more.

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    He's a basketball player not a football player.

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    Are you serious here? Kim doesn't live in the "real" world like the rest of us. And if she was so this and that, why has it taken her twice as long as any of us real women to get married? Because the truth is that you are wrong in all seven of your reasons why she is getting married and men are not like what you say they are in this ridiculous article! And I second what Andy says....we don't care!

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    In reply to Donna Binbek:

    If you and Andy don't care why bother reading AND commenting on a topic AND person you don't care about? Just asking...

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    In reply to Portia:

    i commented and read because I thought something substantial was going to be said.

  • Dear Portia...... Thank You! That is all.

  • I am a guy and I agree, anybody would want to wife her regardless if she got tagged on camera (the only real thing I have against her success pertaining with young girls, ultimately that was her platform for celeb-status other than her pops).

    I am a guy and I agree with point 5

  • "1. Her and Kris are equally yoked. "

    Longstanding grammatical rule: never start a sentence with a singular pronoun.
    "Kim & Kris are..", "Kris & Kim are..", "(They) are..."

  • If you are going to write for public consumption, you really need to pay more attention to your grammar. You have several grammatical errors, not to mention the factual error of calling Kris a football player. These make it hard to take you seriously as a journalist or blogger.

  • Thank you for reading my blog and commenting. Please submit you're suggested corrections to j.lashawn@gmail.com immediately so that I can avoid making the same mistakes and lose you as a faithful reader.

  • The first would be: your, not you're

  • Hey Jessica,

    I think you need to update this nonsense to 7 reasons Kim Kardashian is getting divorced after 72 days!!

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